Monday, October 5, 2009

Alex Meraz in LA Confidential

Alex is in the new LA Confidential!

Holy crap, he is one hot vampire!!! DAMN!!!

OMG - please pull my hair Alex?  PLEEEAAASSSEEE!  Seriously I love Kristie for finding these photos for me - Angel

So I got the chance to hug Alex at the NJ convention (Twice!) and I must say yes he does feel as good as he looks in the pics!  he is way muscley, mmmmmmmmmmmmm - Angel

Look, at this girl who thinks she's all special with my man! Please biotch he hugged me first and no one had to pay him to do it! oh wait . . . . he does get paid to attend conventions - ah crap! Oh Well - get off my man you frizzy haired skank! - Angel

I know him I know him I know him!!! He hugged me, he hugged me!
Styl'd a new TV series on MTV where aspiring fashion stylists work against eachother inorder to win the competition, which means to us... that Alex is going to be in one of the episodes.  He was part of a challenge for an editorial photoshoot for LA Confidential.  Styl'd does not debut until Nov. 1, view the trailer for the show here.

In case you know want to get burried at the cemetary where Alex took these photos, check out the Grand View Cemetery in Glendale

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