Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Twilight Saga: Audio Books, by Ilyana Kadushin

I know this womans voice in and out.  I probably know it better than my own voice.  I listen to Ilyana daily for the past several months.  I listen to them every single day at the gym or in my car.  The books make the time go by faster than you would believe which is why they are awesome to take on a long trip with you or to the boring gym.  Load them onto your I-Pod, which is what I did for the gym... You don't even realize when you spend an hour on the eliptical!  Ilyana does an awesome job.  It does take a little getting used to, hearing another girls voice other than your own, but after you do really and truly it's great! Ilyana does an amazing job expressing Bella's tone, human, sarcasim and her love for Edward.  Although Ilyana is the voice throughout the entire book, she changes her pitch for Edward and Alice, and even Jacob's husky voice.  I like it, alot.  Like I said, I listen to her everyday and I am currently on Breaking Dawn for the second time around on audio.  Of course I read the saga also, but it was nice getting the pronounciation of the visitors in B.D. and the names in the La Push Legends.  I recommend them all, although, like the book, Breaking Dawn is my least favorite, to each his own right?  A man steps in to voice Jacob's section and it seems odd hearing a male tone voice Bella.  So... if you have to go on a long trip, orrrrrr you need a gym buddy, get your hands on Ilyana's audio books of the Twilight Saga!

You can buy the entire saga on audio at Amazon
Update: check of Ilyana's website! <-(thanks to Twilight Lexicon)


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