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Bundle Monster Squishy Silicone Mega Stamper and Shangri-La Stamp Plate Review

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Appeal 4 Soft Wave Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Mega Stamper Review
Above mani features a new stamp plate from Bundle Monster Shangri-La plate BM-S109.

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a new stamper and plate set from one of my favs Bundle Monster! I’ll be reviewing the Shangri-La 10 Piece Stamp Plate Set and the Mega Stamper & Scraper Set. I have really been loving everything Bundle Monster has been putting out lately, they really speak to my polish soul lol To be honest, they had me at Shangri-La! When I think of Shangri-La I envision an exotic paradise with beautiful rich colors and intricate designs all romantic like. Who doesn’t want that on their nails?! Ok, let’s look at the plates first.

Appeal 4 Soft Wave Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Review
Here are the pics of the plates from Bundle Monster. 10 gorgeously designed plates that are abstract florals and patterns. They have a bit of a tribal or Aztec feel to some of them. These are right up my alley!

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Mega Stamper Review

Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Mega Stamper Review
Here you can see the quality of the etching, they feel like all the other Bundle Monster plates I have.

Bundle Monster Squishy Silicone Mega Stamper Nail Stamping Review
Along with the plates I was also sent their new stamper set, the Mega Stamper & Scraper Set. This set is Bundle Monster’s response to the larger squishier stampers that are flooding the nail art scene. It comes with a gray cup shape holder, 2 silicone stamp heads, and 2 credit card style scrapers. The scrapers that came with the stamper are 1mm in thickness just like a credit card. Bundle Monster does sell a .5mm more flexible scraper which I prefer as they give me a better scrape. I used the .5mm scrapers for the above mani and stamp swatches below. The scrapers have images of some of their stamp plates, and I think that’s a great touch! They say “Scrape. Stamp. Swoon.” also an adorable touch.

Bundle Monster Squishy Silicone Mega Stamper Nail Stamping Review
The only other stamper I have like the Bundle Monster Mega Stamper (BMMS) is the Creative Shop Stamper (CSS) so I’m only going to compare it to that one. You can see how it is both taller and has a larger diameter stamp head vs. the Creative Shop Stamper. The BMMS is 1.5 in. dia. while the CSS is 1.41 in. dia. The BMMS holder is made of hard formed plastic with little indented grips on the side and the CSS is brushed metal, I assume stainless steel. My only beef with the design of the BMMS holder is on the bottom of the cup is the Bundle Monster logo and it’s raised so when you stand the stamper up it is just a little unsteady, not a huge deal but I wanted to note it. I like that they put the logo on it but I think they should change it to recessed or engraved so that it can stand upright better. The BMMS is easy to grip, I know some say the CSS stamper is a little “slippery” but I’ve never thought that.

The BMMS stamp heads are made of opaque squishy silicone, they are slightly firmer than the CSS. I don’t know if the white and red BMMS stamp heads are different levels of firmness? Maybe the red feels a little firmer, when I find out I will update. The BMMS heads had a shine to them which you can see in the photos. My first stamps with them were not great so I knew I had to prime them, no big deal. I used my nail buffer file to buff off the shine and then we were good to go. My CSS did not require any buffing, it has more of a matte finish.

Bundle Monster Squishy Silicone Mega Stamper Nail Stamping Review
For my comparison test I am using Bundle Monster Black Noir stamping polish and the .5mm Bundle Monster scraper. I chose a plate that had larger “thicker” spots of engraving – BM-S102 (top) and a plate that had finer lines – BM-S108 (bottom).

On the top stamps I thought the BMMS gave a more opaque stamp in the larger engraving spots vs the CSS. It may be a little hard to see but some of the center swirls on the CSS stamp were patchy. Even though I love my CSS I always feel like it stamps better fine lines vs. larger thicker designs. Although, they are very even here.

In the below stamps I think the CSS performed slightly better giving a crisper more opaque stamp but not by much. The photo shows more of a difference than there actually was in person but the CSS wins by a small margin when it comes to fine lines.

Something I noticed with the BMMS is that the stamp head has a tendency to get pushed down into the stamp holder every few stamps so I would pop it out and up so that it wasn’t falling into the holder. When it is pushed into the holder it does not stamp well at all. I think the holder should be maybe 2mm smaller in dia. to make the head fit more snugly. I might try filling the holder up with packed tissues so that the stamp head won’t sink down.

The BMMS and CSS are in the same league for me which is kind of a big deal because I have had a pretty hot and heavy relationship with my CSS over the past 6 months. I will be using the BMMS stamper a lot in the future! Especially when I’m using plates that have thicker designs. The BMMS is priced at $9.49 with $2.95 shipping. Bundle Monster does offer free shipping over $25 and often has sales. I got my CSS stamper from an indie stockist and paid about $20 shipped for it and it only came with 1 stamp head and 1 scraper. Obviously all stampers have their pros and cons and if you are an avid stamper you need a few in your collection to meet your needs. I’m glad I have the Bundle Monster Mega Stamper in my stamping collection, I recommend it!

Appeal 4 Soft Wave Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Mega Stamper Review
And now, let’s talk about the first mani I did using the Shangri-La 10 Piece Stamp Plate Set and the Mega Stamper & Scraper Set. The mint green is ‘Soft Waves’ from Appeal 4. I love wearing any sort of mint color and this one is a really sweet shade, it leans more green than blue and is a little dusty. I do find the Appeal 4 polishes to be a little thing so I used 3 coats here for opacity. I’m not one that minds having to do 3 coats.

Appeal 4 Soft Wave Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Mega Stamper Review
On the ring and pinky I layered Appeal 4 ‘Dancing All Night’ over ‘Soft Wave,’ a fine holo glitter topper. The glitters are just a little bigger than in China Glaze ‘Fairy Dust.’ I love this topper! The glitter dispersed evenly and it looks so ethereal. I love me some ‘Fairy Dust’ but sometimes you want a little more, and ‘Dancing All Night’ is perfect for those times. On the middle nail I used 3 coats of OPI ‘Emotions’ a black matte glitter liquid sand. I find most liquid sands to be opaque at 2 coats so having to do a 3rd was a little surprising. I do love how it looks though, so badass!

Appeal 4 Soft Wave Bundle Monster Shangri-La Plate Mega Stamper Review
The stamping I used is plate BM-S109 from the Shangri-La 10 Piece Stamp Plate Set with Bundle Monster ‘Black Noir’ stamping polish. It stamped and transferred great! I pushed down onto the nail with the Mega Stamper and it gave a great transfer onto the nails with no distortion.

Well that’s my first impressions of theShangri-La 10 Piece Stamp Plate Set and the Mega Stamper & Scraper Set! I will be using them more in the coming weeks and I hope to get a more full and rounded review of the stamper.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love the comparison of the stampers! I can get BM more easily in Canada than the CSS, so that's what I'll look out for!

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  5. Love the comparison! Super helpful! The mani is gorge


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