Thursday, January 29, 2015

OPI Kiss Me I'm Brazillian lace Valentine's Day nails

Hey Everyone, welcome to Thursday!

Well, it’s almost that time that’s full of red and pink lacey hearts. That’s right people, Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us and that means a plethora of PANKkkkkk manis! Lol What’s more fitting than pink and black lace? Meow kitty! Check out what I came up with.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

She Nail Polish Winter Collection 2015 Review!

Hey People!

Today I have the ENTIRE
She Nail Polish 2015 Winter Collectionto share! I was sent this collection for review. I have used this brand before and I am definitely a fan as the cremes are awesome in formula and color. Let’s get started!

She Nail Polish 2015 Winter Collectionconsists of 5 cremes, with a couple being a jelly/crème hybrid. How pretty are these? I love seeing some warmer neutrals as part of a Winter collection, I don’t think we see that that often. Onto the first!

This jelly/crème hybrid is Frozen Tears, I used 3 coats to reach full opacity and it has a great formula. I’d call it a bright navy. Sometimes blues can be dark and you can’t tell they’re blue in dim lighting but not with this one! It is obviously blue, and super glossy on its own but here (and all swatches in this post) I topped it with HK Girl Top Coat. The silver holo is Julep Tin Man.

This raspberry red crème, Soft Mink, is the other jelly/crème hybrid in the collection. 3 coats used to reach full opacity, usually reds will flood my cuticle area but this one didn’t! It stayed where I put it. A pretty classic shade that would work on all skin tones. The gold flake top coat is OPI Pure.

And now my fave of the collection! This pretty peachy pink (say that 5x fast!) is Frosty Cheeks. I’m such a sucker for a pale peach and this one is just perfect! 2 glorious coats used here. It is a very flattering color on me and I would wear this color all year long, love that this bright color was included in a Winter collection. The black lace design is a water decal.

This terra cotta nude is Warm Mittens. I think this one is pretty unique! I don’t have anything like it in my collection. I used 2 coats here and the formula was very nice, it just glided on. I think this would be particularly flattering on darker skin tones! The cream is Polish My Life Birthday suit.

The final color is Baby It’s Cold, a creamy cool gray. This is 2 coats and it covered perfectly. This color did dry a little darker than in the bottle, it’s pretty either way lol The neon yellow-green is Sinful Colors Neon Melon.

My overall thoughts on the
She Nail Polish 2015 Winter Collection? They all win! It’s almost like this collection was pulled out of my little brain, these are my most favorite colors to wear. I think she nailed it with this collection. My fave picks are Frosty Cheeks and Frozen Tears, are you going to grab any of these?

(Some of these products were provided to me for review)

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Born Pretty Store Review - Virgin Mary decals with OPI LAMB

Hi Guys!

Today I have the last of the 3 products I was sent for review from Born Pretty Store,
Virgin Mary water slide decals item #17030. When Born Pretty contacted me to select some products this was the first one I picked! I thought they were so different and cool and I have nothing like them. Check out what I came up with.

I’m calling this look Renaissance Scrapbook lol For the base I used OPI LAMB and then outlined each nail with Julep Fiore.

Here are the
decalsbefore I chopped them up lol I like that some of the images have 2 sizes so you can select the perfect fit for your nail size.

Virgin Mary water slide decals item #17030applied just like any other water slide decal, submerge in water for 20 seconds and then they slide off the paper backing and you can position onto the nail. Some of the bigger images you need to position carefully and work out the air bubbles so that they lay flat, but same goes for any water decals.

On the ring finger I added some jewels into the shape of the cross.

These decals are weird enough to not be everyone’s cup-o-tea but I love them! I have a thing for old paintings so they’re right up my alley. You can buy the Virgin Mary decals
HERE, I recommend them! Would you wear these decals?

(Some of these products were provided to me for review)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review Rose Nail Charms with Loreal Masked Affair

Hi Everyone!

After seeing all the hub-bub about Loreal Masked Affair and it being sold out everywhere, I was like well, I’m not getting it lol I thought it was pretty but I have similar colors. Then on Friday I walked into Rite-aid to get some shampoo and walked down an aisle and there was the display with 1 Masked Affair! So, I guess it was fate and I grabbed it just to have haha! I thought it was perfect to use for my review of some
rose nail charmsthat Born Pretty Store sent to me. Check out what I came up with.

Silver Rose Charms item #16684are so cute! They’re a good size for medium to small size nails since they aren’t huge like a lot of other charms I have. They also don’t have a very high profile so they are less likely to snag in your hair or on your clothing. They attached very easily just with topcoat.

So what do you think of Loreal Masked Affair? In the bottle it has an interesting bluish glow to it which does translate onto the nail a little. In person it does have a nice holo effect, not the strongest I’ve seen but for a mainstream brand I think it is excellent! I tend to prefer a subtler holo so I do like this one. I also recently bought Orly Mirrorball, that I used
HEREand I do prefer Mirrorball because it is slightly darker. But I will definitely get a lot of use out of Masked Affair.

The uber pale pink (yes it is pink and not white lol) is China Glaze Friends Forever, Right? I added some thinner to mine and with 3 thin coats it was opaque. I love colors like this so I don’t mind that I have to use 3 coats.

Along with the
Silver Rose Charms item #16684I added some AB jewel studs that I got from ebay.

I’m really digging the silver Rose Nail Charms and I need to see if they have them in gold! They’re the perfect size and I will get a lot of use from them. Have you picked up Loreal Masked Affair? Do you plan on it?

(Some of these products were sent to me for review)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Born Pretty Store review - Mermaid Princess water decals

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a really fun mani to share, well it’s fun if you like mermaids but really, who doesn’t like mermaids? Lol Born Pretty Store sent me a few products to review, and one was a sheet of
Princess water decalsand The Little Mermaid was on the sheet. The Little Mermaid is my fave Disney movie, so of course I had to use these first. Check out what I came up with!

Gaaaahhhhhhhhhh how cute are
these decals?! They were very easy to work with, just like water decals I’ve used in the past. You cut out the portion you want on your nail, hold them in water for about 20 seconds, and then the paper backing will slide off and you can position the decal onto the nail. I use tweezers to position it and then use the pad of my finger to slide it to where I want it. Then you can smooth out any air bubbles. Once coat of top coat seals them into place and they will be perfectly smooth! You can use my Born Pretty Store discount code ASWW10 for an extra 10% off your order.

Here are the decals before I cut some out to use,
Pretty Mermaid Nail Art Decals item # 17033. This sheet also has Belle, and Jasmine decals and I’m really looking forward to doing a Jasmine mani!

For the polishes I used all
Lucky Lacquercolors. The thumb and pointer I used Spring Charm as my base and layered glitter polish Ariel over. This pretty pinkish red glitter is named Ariel so of course I had to use it! Love these 2 together!

For the middle base I used another
Lucky Lacquercolor but this was a prototype color so it doesn’t have a name and is not available currently. BUT it was very pretty and I thought it looked similar in color to the seashell bra that Ariel wears.

On the ring and pinky I did a messy gradient using
Lucky LacquerForget Me Not and Bells of Ireland, I wanted it to look like murky but pretty seawater so I didn’t really blend them and just kind of dabbed it on.

Even though these were provided to me for review I am being completely honest when I say I recommend these! You can pick them up here
Pretty Mermaid Nail Art Decals item # 17033and use my Born Pretty Store discount code ASWW10 for an extra 10% off your order. Thanks for stopping by!

(This product was providing to me for review.)

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Julep Phyllis Aurora Sadie nail tape X nail art

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday thankkkkk goodness, uggghhh busy week for me. Any whoo, I received my Julep January Maven box a while back and still have a lot of them left to try haha. Typical. Phyllis, a soft dusty pink caught my eye. I thought it would be fun to pair it with black, check out what I came up with.

Isn't Julep Phyllis pretty?! I was excited because it had a nice formula and I've been not so happy lately with their cremes so I'm hoping they're on the up and up. This is 2 coats.

The silver is Julep Aurora, it was pretty brush strokey, not the worst I've seen lol but enough to annoy me. But it did cover nicely, this is 2 coats.

The X pattern I did with striping tape. I sadly messed it up while removing the tape lol I used Julep Sadie, a black with silver glitter texture polish. Love Sadie!

Even though I messed up the accent nail, I was still happy with this mani I thought the color combo was pretty cool. It was inspired by @melcisme on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Polish My Life White Ice and Fun Lacquer Pay Day


I've always wanted little cross charms so spoiler alert I bought some lol I thought they would look cute with a black and gray mani. Another spoiler alert! They did, check it out.

The whiteish gray polish is White Ice from Polish My Life, in person it has subtle silver shimmer and glitters. Super pretty, and will go with everything. Nice formula.

For the ring accent, I layered 1 coat of silver and holo flakey Pay Day (H) from Fun Lacquer over Julep Janae. It's like mirrors or a disco ball! So shiny.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Polish My Life Eye Sea, Commando, and Different Dimension Big Bang

Happy Hump Day!

Every time I see the Geico commercial with the camels at the zoo and the people yelling "Hummmpppp Dayyyyy!" at them, I can't help but crack up. Because you know it's true lol So for hump day, I decided to recreate a mani from @thenailboss on Instagram that I fell in love with a while back. Check out what I did!

This blue is so pretty! This is Eye Sea from Polish My Life, very nice formula.

Big Bang from Different Dimension is my fave polish from 2014! It's an all glitter polish opaque in 2 coats, love it.

For the sheer pink base I used Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth base coat and applied straight nail vinyls from Vinyl It Up to tape off the tips. The black is Commando from Polish My Life. I love how the bright colors look against the sheer pink!

This mani could be my fave of the month so far! Thanks for checking out my mani!

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