Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review Rose Nail Charms with Loreal Masked Affair

Hi Everyone!

After seeing all the hub-bub about Loreal Masked Affair and it being sold out everywhere, I was like well, I’m not getting it lol I thought it was pretty but I have similar colors. Then on Friday I walked into Rite-aid to get some shampoo and walked down an aisle and there was the display with 1 Masked Affair! So, I guess it was fate and I grabbed it just to have haha! I thought it was perfect to use for my review of some
rose nail charmsthat Born Pretty Store sent to me. Check out what I came up with.

Silver Rose Charms item #16684are so cute! They’re a good size for medium to small size nails since they aren’t huge like a lot of other charms I have. They also don’t have a very high profile so they are less likely to snag in your hair or on your clothing. They attached very easily just with topcoat.

So what do you think of Loreal Masked Affair? In the bottle it has an interesting bluish glow to it which does translate onto the nail a little. In person it does have a nice holo effect, not the strongest I’ve seen but for a mainstream brand I think it is excellent! I tend to prefer a subtler holo so I do like this one. I also recently bought Orly Mirrorball, that I used
HEREand I do prefer Mirrorball because it is slightly darker. But I will definitely get a lot of use out of Masked Affair.

The uber pale pink (yes it is pink and not white lol) is China Glaze Friends Forever, Right? I added some thinner to mine and with 3 thin coats it was opaque. I love colors like this so I don’t mind that I have to use 3 coats.

Along with the
Silver Rose Charms item #16684I added some AB jewel studs that I got from ebay.

I’m really digging the silver Rose Nail Charms and I need to see if they have them in gold! They’re the perfect size and I will get a lot of use from them. Have you picked up Loreal Masked Affair? Do you plan on it?

(Some of these products were sent to me for review)

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