Friday, April 17, 2015

Wet N Wild Silver Lake Polish Collection Spring 2015 Swatch Review

These polishes were bought by me

Hey Everyone!

Today I have swatches of the Wet N Wild Silver Lake Collection for Spring 2015.  I was so excited when I saw pics of these and knew I had to buy the entire 6 polish set.  I found them at Rite-aid for 40% off so I got all of them for less than $8 after tax!  What a bargain!  The collection consists of 5 cremes and 1 sheer shimmer.  Let’s get into swatches!

Wet N Wild Silver Lake Polish Collection Swatch Spring 2015

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Beetlejuice inspired mani – Gridlock Lacquer Yinz Goin Dahnthan?

Press Sample

Hey Everyone!

How about some Beetlejuice inspired nail art?  I was inspired by a mani by Anny Polish and Paint did about a month ago.  I must say, this is loosely inspired by Beetlejuice lol The only resemblance is the black and white stripes that I did using striping nail stencils.  On Instagram I labeled this as Beetlejuice joins the circus.  Onto pics!

Beetlejuice inspired nail art Gridlock Lacquer Yinz Going Dahntahn pink orange duochrome

Gridlock Lacquer Yinz Going Dahntahn pink orange duochrome polish swatch

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Monday, April 13, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Set in Stone and Maintaining my Sand-ity Gel Effects Lacquer System Review

Hey Everyone!

Today I will be reviewing my first OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effects Lacquer System!  I was sent for review, a box of the Infinite Shine colors and the base and top coat from as part of their VIP program.  This will really be my first time trying one these new pseudo-gel lacquer type systems.  Shall we just get past all the formalities and onto the polish?!  Let’s go!

To use these polishes you will need to buy into the 1-2-3 Gel Effects Lacquer System with the primer base and gloss top coat (that cures in natural light).  The primer base applied fine and dried pretty quick!  Always nice.  For my base color I chose Set in Stone.  A dark taupe that has hints of purple to it, it reminds me a lot of OPI I Sao Paulo Over There.  I held them next to each other and Set in Stone may be just a little darker but very close.  This was a very pigmented polish, almost covered completely in 1 coat.  It wasn’t thin or thick, just kind of that perfect consistency that makes it very easy to coat the nail and not flood the cuticles.  I would say the formula is slightly thicker than regular OPI polish and it has a stronger smell.  Nothing I couldn’t handle just wanted to note it.  I used 2 coats here, it dried pretty shiny and pretty fast!  Defintely faster than regular OPI polish.  I left my base to dry without top coat so that I could add some stamping.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Box, Indied – May 2015 Star Wars – Glisten & Glow Saber This!

Happy Friday THANK GOD RIGHT?!

Today I have swatches for one of the polishes in the upcoming May 2015 A Box, Indied, Saber This! by the one and only Glisten & Glow.  A Box, Indied is a monthly polish sub box featuring some of the biggest and hottest brands in the Indie polish world.  This month's theme is Star Wars!  I love ittttttt, this dork is excited.  I’ve been a big fan of G&G and using their products for about 3 years (G&G HK Girl Top Coat is my HG, there are no other TCs in my world lol) so I was so happy to be able to do some swatches of a new polish.  The May A Box, Indied will be available on April 26th, follow @aboxindied for swatches and updates.  Let’s get to it babes.

Glisten and Glow Saber This A Box Indied blue glow in the dark polish

Blue glow in the dark nail polish Saber This Glisten and Glow

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

ScentBird Perfume Subscription Review - and Balenciaga Florabotanica Bottle inspired nail art!

ScentBird Review Balenciaga Florabotanica Inspired nail art China Glaze White on White Twinkled T nail vinyls

ScentBird Review Balenciaga Florabotanica Inspired nail art
Hi Everyone!

Today I have something to share a little different than my usual nail posts (but I did incorporate a mani of course lol).  Something else that I truly love is perfumes!  I am one that my mood is very much influenced by scent and vice versa.  I have a medium sized perfume collection ranging from the inexpensive scented oil to pricey scents from Tom Ford.  Unlike polish, I have a hard time buying more new full-sized bottle of perfume because what’s the point when I already have many and I always like to switch it up?  And I seem to have pretty expensive perfume taste right now haha!  So lately, I’ve been indulging my want for new scents by getting lots of sample vials with beauty purchases and even buying mixed lots of them on ebay.  What’s a girl to do when you always want a new scent to try out!  When I was contacted by ScentBird to sample an intro box to their perfume sub box, I was like hells yeah I want to try it lol  Here are some quick details before I get into my review of my experience.

ScentBird Logo
Scentbird is the modern woman’s way to smell amazing but spend smart. Just $14.95 a month gets you a 30-day supply of the luxury perfume of your choice right to your door. Choose from 350+ top Designer scents.  The perfume you select comes in a sleek purse spray that's fun to show off and easy to carry. Every month you just swap out the old scent and swap in the new.

Scentbird was born out of the frustration with the “perfume graveyard”-  all those scents you once loved but got tired of wearing, all those scents you got as presents and never really loved, all gathering dust on your dresser.  “60% of women who wear perfume switch between multiple fragrances.  In fact, the #1 reason women buy perfume is to get something new or different,” says Mariya Nurislamova, Scentbird’s CEO.  “Sticking to one scent feels stifling and outdated. However, perfume bottles are
expensive, impractical for travel and last forever.”  Source: ScentBird


  • Go to and answer a few quick questions. Scentbird gets to know your scent preferences in minutes.
  • Proprietary recommender suggests a personalized list of scents to try.
  • You can also search by brand or scent type, or keep it simple and receive the monthly featured perfume.
  • Create your “perfume calendar” (think Netflix queue) and choose the scent you want each month.
  • Change every month or keep a favorite.
  • Manage your queue to edit the order or add new fragrances (New Designer and Niche scents are added monthly).
  • $14.95 gets you a monthly purse spray.  Complimentary perfume case with your first order.
  • Drop purse spray into the case, twist and it’s ready to go.  Travel friendly and fun to show off.  Every month, swap out the old purse spray and swap in the new.
  • Shipping is free and you can cancel anytime. 
  • 100% real perfume decanted into vials.
ScentBird Review Balenciaga Florabotanica Inspired nail art
The ScentBird perfume selection quiz, perfume recommendations, description of each scent, pricing

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous Sally 50 Year Anniversary Exclusive Shade!

Hey Everyone!

A few weeks back I went to Sally's Beauty Supply because they were having an extra 50% off clearance sale!  I snagged a ton of polishes, one being OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous which is a pink creme exclusive to Sally's celebrating their 50th anniversary.  Wow, I had no idea Sally's has been around that long, pretty cool.  Check out what I came up with.

OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous polish swatch Sally's Beauty Supply

OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous polish swatch Sally's Beauty Supply

OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous polish swatch Sally's Beauty Supply

50 Is The New Fabulous is a lovely medium neutral pink.  Well, I think it's neutral?  I couldn't really tell if it was warm or cool so that makes me feel like it's neutral haha.  With OPI pinks and reds I typically have to do 3 coats to cover my visible nail line and this one was no exception.  Most people only have to do 2 but something about OPI pink and red cremes I ALWAYS need 3 coats, crazy right?  But it had a very nice formula and applied easily so I didn't mind!

OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous polish swatch Sally's Beauty Supply

OPI 50 Is The New Fabulous polish Born Pretty Store Mermaid Water Decals

In these macro shots you can see how smooth this color is, this color would look good on just about all of us!  The Little Mermaid water decals are from Born Pretty Store Pretty Mermaid Nail Art Decals item # 17033.  I've used these decals a few times, you can check them out HERE

And use my code ASWW10 for 10% off full price items from Born Pretty Store!

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