Friday, March 4, 2016

Coach Holo Purse Inspired Rainbow Gradient - with a YouTube Tutorial!

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Hey Everyone!

What came first?  The holographic purse or the holo polish?

A couple weeks back I got an email from the Coach Outlet showing some new holo leather items that were about to release..... I was like whaaatttttttttt!  Purses are some of my fav things in the whole world so when the nail world combines with purse, I'm there.  They were only launching in the outlet so I ran to get them that weekend.  I'm glad I did because I got some of the last items and they sold out rather quickly.  They were rumored to be eventually available on the online site but so far no luck.  I really hope they show up because I definitely want to pick up some of the other matching items and I want my fellow polish friends to have a crack at them too!

Of course I was inspired to do a matching mani!

I went with my indies because HOLOOOOOOOOO lol

Here is what I used:

- Bundle Monster Buy Me Diamonds * ^ Use code TWISTAR for 10% off!
- Glisten & Glow Clubbin’ Teal Dawn - Limited Edition no longer available :(
- Bundle Monster Noir Black * ^ Use code TWISTAR for 10% off!
- Bundle Monster Stamp Plate BM-S105 * ^ Use code TWISTAR for 10% off!
- Bundle Monster Mega Stamper * ^ Use code TWISTAR for 10% off!

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Above is the pic of my goodies I posted on instagram and people went nuts!  haha!  As they should lol

Would you guys buy a holo purse?  I'm still obsessing over this purse and it's become my weekend purse.  I plan on using it a lot in the Summer!

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  1. Love them! And I need this purse! Long live the holo!

  2. AS always, you absolutely blow me away with your nail art. This holo look is SPOT ON to the bag! I should be getting mine shortly :)

    1. Awww thanks! And I love that you are getting this purse, it's true love lol

  3. I don't like Coach, but I was tempted by the holo tote! However, since I live in a rural area and am fairly sure the nearest Coach outlet is 300 miles away, I don't see myself getting one, sadly.

  4. oh good heavens, that purse. I would never use it, but I kinda want it.

  5. These bags are stunning. I wish I could get one. I adore the mani you did to match

  6. This is amazingly fantastic!! I love the entire thing <3

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