Sunday, August 17, 2014

Julep Kayla and Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond

Purple. This. Is. Purple!!!!  My goodness.

Enough of that :)  This is Julep Kayla and she owns me. It's so juicy and bright and just glows. I knew from the bottle that it would be a bit sheer so I layered it over Julep Elisa, a pale cool toned lavender. I think Elisa was a good choice and it made Kayla pop.  2 coats Kayla over 2 thin coats Elisa.

I didn't want to take away from the vivid purple so I chose Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond as an accent, and I think it set off the mani perfectly. SOCD is a sparsely packed silver holo fine glitter in a clear base. The clear base is a bit thick so I only used one coat, I already had 4 layers of color down and one more coat would have been toooooo much.

This pic is intentionally blurry to show the pink shimmer.

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