Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Julep Monaco, Max, and Serum No 5 Flashing Lights

Sooooo this is weird. I don't normally post my manis, but I am very into polish and nail art. Shocking, I know. Since all things Twilight have pretty much been at a dead halt since BD 2 was released on DVD :( I thought maybe I could share some of my manis :) See, from sad face to happy face!

My fav brand is definitely Julep. I'm a Julep Maven meaning I subscribe to their monthly polish box. They seem to get a lot of hate and side glances among many nail bloggers but I don't fucking care. I love them and their polishes. Not so much their makeup products, el Yucko fo sho. I wish they'd stick to mani/pedi products but whatever, I seem to have lost that battle. Onto the purdy polishes!

Photo taken with flash, this one isn't really color accurate it looks much brighter here than IRL but I thought it showed the mani off nicely so too bad. Julep Monaco on the first 4, with Julep Max on the middle and ring, Serum No 5 Flashing Lights on pinky. I used some 2mm black metal studs I got off eBay. Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat.

Dat shine! Pic taken with no flash.

This is way more color accurate. I used 2 coats of Monaco, the first went on kinda streaky, sheer, and thin. I used a second thicker coat and it was perfectly opaque. 3 coats of Flashing Lights.

I love the way this mani came out. I bought Max on a whim since these type of big glitter toppers aren't really my thang, but I think I kinda love it ;)

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