Thursday, August 28, 2014

Julep Waleska and Harlow - green and gold oil slick jewel nail art

Hey internet! Today I wanted something really rich and saturated and Julep Waleska was calling to me. In the bottle it's a green teal with lots of gold fine shimmer, truly gorgeous like a jewel. On the nail it seems to lose some of the teal and turns more green BUT it does read as teal just slightly greener, I was a little disappointed but the color is so beautiful I quickly got over it!

I used 2 coats for Waleska, it is very pigmented and almost a 1 coater. The first coat did show more teal but once I slapped on the second coat the green took over. The second coat did go on a little thick so make sure to load the brush up with as little as possible. You can see it shimmers like its nobodies business!

Julep Harlow for the ring accent. Julep describes Harlow as a "Golden dragonfly iridescent chrome" so basically a Chanel Peridot dupe lol. I used 2 coats, first coat was a touch sheer but the second made it nice and opaque. The first time I used Harlow I used 3 coats and that helps to bring out a little more of the blue duochrome that shows in the bottle.

The black oil slick jewels are from eBay. They were nice and shiny before I put on top coat but then after I applied HK Girl top coat and they looked a little textured then and lost their shine :( Oh well, they still look cool!

This is my kitty helping me take photos.


PS What do you think of my improved photos? These were the first taken with my ottlite.

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