Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bonita Colors Starry Night Polish My Life It's A Little Nippy and Julep Donna

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Today I have some nude and teal nail stamping to share with the most gorgeous Bonita color! I'm in loveeee with this shimmery teal, Starry Night.  Starry Night has such depth and a very rich feel to it.  I was really pleased with it's formula and how easily it applied, one of those colors that just sort of paints itself on.  Let's take a look!

Bonita Colors Starry Night MoYou London Sailer Plate 04

Bonita Colors Starry Night polish swatch teal shimmer

This is Bonita Colors Starry Night. Isn't is gorgeous? It had a wonderful formula and the silvery shimmers just make it glow. This is one of those dark colors that doesn't look black, you can always tell it's teal.  I always find it disappointing when a dark color only looks "that color" under certain lighting, but this one did not disappoint.  I used 2 smooth coats here, but it was very close to being a one-coater!  Not bad for a $2.49 polish.

Polish My Life It's a Little Nippy

How about a perfect creamy nude to go with Starry Night? This is It's A Little Nippy from Polish My Life and it has a great formula, this is 2 coats.  It has a little bit of a pink fleshy tone to it which I found very flattering on my fair olive complexion.  It keeps it interesting and dare I say sexy?  Love it.

Bonita Colors Starry Night MoYou London Sailer Plate 04

For the stamping I used Julep Donna, a teal creme. The stamping plate is MoYou London Sailor Collection Plate 04. I think I was really fast with my stamping, almost too fast!  LOL So the polish was very wet on the stamper when I rolled it across the nails and it sort of smeared.  I was annoyed at first but then realized it gave the swirls a gradient type look, almost like I painted them by hand!  I love when an accident turns into something beautiful.

Bonita Colors Starry Night MoYou London Sailer Plate 04

This mani is one I'd wear year-round, nude is always appropriate and I feel like the teal somehow in all it's shimmery glory haha is a neutral.  Thanks for stopping by!

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