Friday, December 19, 2014

Gridlock Lacquer Queen City Christmas

Yaaayyyy It’s Fryyyyydayyyyyyy!

After today, I’m on vacation until Jan 5th. Yes. I’ve been looking forward to doing lots of swatching and I will be netflixing it up on my ipad lol We’re getting close to Christmas so I’m going to be hitting these Holiday manis hard, prepare yourselves. And go!

How vintage-y is this glitter polish from Gridlock Lacquer? This is Queen City Christmas, I used 2 coats. It has a sort of sheer shimmer green base and is full of gold and gold holo small glitter. It reminds me of Christmas ornaments from when I was a kid, they were always covered in green and gold glitter haha. Love this one, probably my fav Christmas glitter.

For the other nails I used Julep Diana, a very dark but warm green crème. It’s almost a little crelly like but with 2 coats it covers nail line. This is one of my oldest Julep colors, I was happy to bust it out since I haven’t used it in a long time.

To continue the vintage vibe I chose a wreath nail charm but I don’t really know if the bow part is supposed to be at the top or bottom? But I guess it doesn’t matter since you look at it from both angles anyways lol

Super happy with this mani, thanks for stopping by and if I don’t see you (wink wink) Happy Holidays!

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