Thursday, October 2, 2014

Vampire Diaries nail art water decal mani - It's the season 6 premiere!

Hey Vampires,

Today is a very great day, it’s the season 6 premiere of one of my fav shows – The Vampire Diaries! Yaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! 2 words, Ian. Somerhalder. Be still my heart. Ian and I are in a long-term long-distance relationship, he just doesn’t know it yet.

I wanted to do a Vampire Diaries themed mani but I’m not the greatest at freehand nail art haha So I decided to try making my own water nail decals. This was my first attempt and I think I did good! I bought a pack of waterslide decal/temporary tattoo paper Papilio Inkjet Clear Waterslide Decal Paper 10 Sheets and a clear coat fix spray Krylon 6-Ounce Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating Aerosol Spray. They were super easy to make, I just found the images I wanted on the old google, cropped and shrank them to the size of my nail beds, printed, sprayed with clear coat and cut to fit! You submerge them in water and then the decal part slips off the paper backing and you position onto the nail. You have a lot of time to get them to lay how you want, which was nice since this was my first time trying them.

Here is how it came out!

I painted a white base, Julep Kate, on all nails added topcoat and let dry completely. The decal is clear so for the colors to pop they need to be on a base color. You can use white decal paper which may have worked better for these full nail images. I may end up picking up some of the white paper to do more of these and use the clear for small images that don’t cover the whole nail.

I didn’t use topcoat for the photos since the shine might have made it hard to photograph the images. They’re not perfect and a little blurry but I kind of expected that since they are such a small image. I had to do a lot of clean-up once I applied them to remove the white base coat from showing around the edges. I pushed the acetone soaked brush a little under the edges of the decal to get as much white off as I could.

TVD logo on the thumb. I sealed the free edge with black polish because the white tip was annoying me lol you can kind of see it but whatevs.

It’s Stefan Salvatore! His print is a little more fuzzy than the others but he is still handsome.

Elena Gilbert in the middle of a Salvatore brother sandwich, color me jealous! This nail probably came out the best, it doesn’t look as blurry as the others.

Mini Damon Salvatore! He’s so dreamy…………he has been staring at me all day and I’m loving every minute of it. See you tonight Damon ;)

I didn’t know what to do with the last nail so I chose the obligatory blood splatters, probably from Damon eating some innocent.

I love my Vampire Diaries mani! I have so many ideas for more, I sense an all Damon themed mani in my future. Thanks for looking!

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  1. I would literally never stop staring at my hands lol Excellent

  2. How do I get these I need them in my life


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