Monday, October 20, 2014

Julep Ledi and Casper Halloween Ghost Glow in the dark nail art

Hi my Little Ghouls,

Another Halloween mani! As soon as I saw Julep Ledi, a black microshimmer, I knew it would be at home in a Halloween mani. It’s so bewitching... Sometimes I really really hate myself.

Check out what I did!

Julep Ledi is a black with silver microshimmer. It’s a great color, black but with a little extra. The formula was good, this is 2 coats. If I was cool, Ledi would be a good color for a Slipknot concert.

For my accent nails I layered a glow in the dark shimmer Julep Casper (great name!) over Julep Kate. I didn’t expect Casper to be so pretty in light! It’s almost pearly shimmer with some subtle silver shimmer. I used 2 coats of Julep Kate and 2 coats of Casper layered over, awwww shit.

I freehanded my ghost and Boo! with Ledi. Ledi is pretty opaque so it worked great for layering over white. I was pretty happy with my freehand letters haha, normally I’m pretty terrible at writing words on my nails. I deserve a pat on the back.

Look at my little ghost! I love how it glows in the dark! He’s not the best looking ghost but I love him just the same. Did you know ghosts are like snowflakes? They're all unique.

This was my first glow in the dark mani and I can see why people love doing these, it’s so fun to check out your work in the dark haha!

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