Friday, October 31, 2014

Polish My Life - Raspberry Roses

Happy Halloween!

Well, I find it funny that I’ve been doing Halloween manis since September and today THE actual day I’m not wearing one! Haha! Well, this mani is kinda Halloween themed, it matches my costume. Ok, it’s not a real costume just a silly skull headband. I call it my Witch Doctor headband, it has a giant sparkly skull and feathers sticking off of it. So on that note, check out my mani!

Whoah. Purple. Yaaaaaaaassssssssss! This is my first polish from Polish My Life (note: the website is currently closed until 11/3/14, she is on vacation). This gorgeous dusty purple is called Raspberry Roses. The formula is so crazy good, so smooth and opaque and just applies like a dream. This is 2 coats. She definitely has a new fan here!

Here is another pic of this baby because you need to look at it and buy it already. Purple is my fav color and crème polish is also my fav, so this one is making me very, very happy.

For the accent nail I chose Julep Sadie, they call this a “sea salt” texture finish. It’s like OPI liquid sand. I really like Sadie, it’s a basic black but with very fine silver shimmer. Great formula, this is 2 coats.

I also bought 2 other colors from Polish My Life so I will be posting manis with them very soon, I bought Peaches anyone? and Mauve Roses. Thanks for stopping by!

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