Monday, November 17, 2014

Christian Louboutin Rouge red polish review!

It’s Monday again…………

I feel like every time I’m having a great weekend it’s gotta get all Monday-y on me. Le sigh.

Moving on. Today I have a much hyped polish to share, Christian Louboutin Rouge. I’ve had this polish for quite a while, since it was released and have worn it 3 or 4 times. I wanted to wait to give my review until I was absolutely sure about it, so many people question is it worth it? Why is it $50? Don’t you only want it because it’s Christian Louboutin? Well let’s look at some pics and then I’ll give my opinion. WARNING! This post is pic heavy!

The tall spike brush handle is designed after the stiletto, more precisely the ballerina fetish shoe. This polish is pretty heavy, but it’s meant to give a good polish experience like holding an expensive pen versus a mini-golf score pencil.

It came in a little 2 piece black box, super shiny like the shoes and a little red line splits the box in 2. Even though it’s just a little box it feels very well put together. The CL logo is embossed onto the box.

The formula……………. I can report it is Fab! This is 2 coats, it’s very opaque and pigmented. It goes on perfectly and the handle really helps with application. It helps me get closer to the cuticle line. The polish is self-leveling and very glossy on its own, but I did add HK girl quick dry top coat of course!

For the accent nails I added Wet N Wild Make them Boys Go Loco, a black jelly base with different sizes red glitter. I chose this to mimic the gradient on the bottle. Then I added 2 2mm black circle studs.

Is this polish worth the $50 price tag? More importantly, is it worth it to YOU? I can’t answer that but can only answer for myself and yes, yes I do feel it is worth it! I admit to originally buying this polish because, well, it’s Christian Louboutin! I loved the bottle design and thought it would be fun to wear on an upcoming trip to Vegas (PS it was lol). I didn’t expect to think it was “worth it” but the superb formula and gorgeous color sold me.

In reality, no paint for your finger nails is really worth what we spend on them but I equate it to owning a good quality clothing item that costs more than the average. Not only are you paying for better materials and design but you are also buying a “feeling” or an “experience,” and every time I’ve worn this polish it looks great and makes me feel good. So yes I am very happy I purchased this polish and I can’t believe it but I will be purchasing more colors!

I wanted to buy some while I was in Vegas at the CL store in the Venetian but they were sold out of EVERY color! I was so sad, so I haven’t purchased them yet. I was really looking forward to purchasing them in store. Sigh. I’ll get over it eventually and will buy them online.

Thanks for reading my review!

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  1. Great review! I've been seeing people talk about this nail polish all over the place, so it's nce to finally see an in-depth review about it. I love that you decided to include a lot of pictures - it gives a feel for the product and you are the first person I've seen to talk about the actual box that the polish comes in.

    1. Thanks for commenting Anastasia! Part of the reason I decided to include so many pics of the box is because like you I couldn't really find any and I feel like the box definitely adds to the polish. I'm a visual person so I say the more pics the better :)


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