Friday, November 21, 2014

Julep - Kam Dana and Brandt - chevron nail art


It’s Tuesday, which is kind of like the most boring day of the week. Tuesday lacks an identity. Since I am actually bored here on this Tuesday, here is my break-down of the week.
- Mondays are universally hated. I’m pretty sure you can say Monday in any corner of the world and you’d be met with the stank eye.
- Tuesdays – see opening paragraph.
- Wednesdays are hump day signaling you made it this far might as well NOT kill yourself.
- Thursdays get you excited for Friday and a lot of people partake in Happy Hour or thirsty Thursdays. Thursday basically mooches off of Friday.
- Fridays need no explanation. It even has its own acronym and restaurant, TGIF(ridays). I think TGIF is the original LOL, just saying.
- Saturday is the best day of the week and everyone knows it. Nothing beats waking up whenever you damn well please Saturday morning and then going to bed at the crack of dawn after binge watching some Netflix alllllllllllllllll night.
- Sundays are accepted as lazy days and typically involve overindulging in copious amounts of homemade cooking, preferably by your Grandma.
So for this boring day I decided to do a bold graphic look to pump up my Tuesday, check out what I did!

For the main color I used Julep Kam, a vintage spearmint crème as my base. It’s got such a cool retro vibe, I did add some thinner since it was a little thick.

For the ring and middle finger I used Julep Dana as my base, it has a little blue shimmer to it very pretty. Then I used some right angle nail vinyls from at Vinyl It Up, these were sent for review. And they are awesome! I slapped on some Julep Brandt over the vinyls before removing to leave the chevron print.

Then I added some 2mm black studs from ebay.

Super happy with this mani! Definitely amped up a boring Tuesday, thanks for stopping by!

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