Friday, November 7, 2014

Polish My Life - Peaches Anyone with a glitter gradient

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy Friday! Yes that's how I'm greeting you today, by screaming at you.

I filed my nails yesterday because they were getting soooo long, well long for me. When my nails get a little longer I find myself playing with them which is never good because that will lead to breaks. Hell hath no fury like a nail swatcher that breaks a nail right before they have a swatch job coming up! I’m getting anxiety lol Whenever I file them shorter I always want to wear a bright neutral, short nails + bright creme = happiness. I had the perfect polish waiting in the wings, check it out.

This is Peaches Anyone? from Polish My Life. It’s perfect, I think it’s flattering with my skin tone but this color would flatter every skin tone. Nice formula, I am starting to love this indie brand and I want ALL the colors! This could be trouble, but the good kind of trouble.

The glitter is OPI In True Stefani Fashion, one of my favs. It’s full of small silver and holo glitter, and square holo glitter pieces. It worked perfectly for using as a glitter gradient. Some glitters are too goopy for this and you end up building it up too thick to get a nice gradient. There’s only one thing in this world that can never be too thick………………..bacon. Get your mind out of the gutter girl! :P Just kidding, I permanently reside in the gutter, welcome!

I added a couple rainbow 2 mm jewels, I got them from ebay (pretty much any jewel or stud I use is from ebay lol)

I can’t stop staring at my mani. I love a good peach polish, it looks so fresh and so clean clean! I recommend checking out Polish My Life, such gorgeous colors, thanks for stopping by :)

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