Tuesday, November 11, 2014

OPI Steady as She Rose - MoYou London rose stamping nail art

Forever ago when the OPI Pirates of The Caribbean collection was released in 2011 I never bought Steady as She Rose, even though I LOVE these type of colors. It’s a muted lilac, in some lights it can look a little gray. I finally bought it and what in the world was I waiting for, it’s gorgeous! Check out what I came up with using some of the other colors from this collection.

Steady as She Rose is so soft and pretty, in some lighting you can see more purple. It is a little thin but I still got even coverage with 2 coats.

I did some stamping with MoYou London Biker plate 06 and chose some roses to match the name. I made decals by stamping onto a plastic baggie so I could paint them in, once they are dry you can cut them to shape and peel them off the baggie and apply to the nail. The black is Julep Brandt, and for the gray roses I used Skulls & Glossbones which is another color from this collection. I added a little sparrow for duh Jack Sparrow lol The green is Stranger Tides which could be my most fav polish. It’s actually the polish that really got me into collecting!

I’m so glad I finally gave in and bought Steady as She Rose, it is everything I thought it would be! I do have some similar colors but I’m just going to ignore that lol Thanks for stopping by!

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