Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo mani featuring Wet N Wild Sun Settle Down and Bundle Monster BMH-24

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Margaritas for everyone! How else am I supposed to celebrate? Lol I’m in the middle of swatching the Wet N Wild California Dreaming collection and one of the colors ‘Sun Settle Down’ seemed like the perfect base for some Cinco de Mayo themed nails! I also attempted another mini Instagram tutorial for this mani and I kind of just messed up the whole thing haha I didn’t realize my camera would be in the way of stamping, whoops. Shortly after I purchased a new tripod so that I have more room, it’s never ending what I feel like I NEED in order to complete my manis lol Ok, onto my mani!

Wet N Wild Sun Settle Down Bundle Monster plate BMH-24 Cinco de Mayo
You can see how I mis-stamped the nail with what is supposed to say Cinco de Mayo but instead it says “inco de nayo” hahaha! I half-ass painted on a C but didn’t have any room to fix the M so nayo it is!

Want to see more? Click below!

Wet N Wild Sun Settle Down swatch California Dreaming Collection

This dusty orange is ‘Sun Settle Down’ from the Wet N Wild Calfornia Dreaming Collection (swatches coming soon). This was the color I was most excited for from this collection because I don’t think I have anything like it. Sure I have quite a few mango and orange polishes but this one feels a little different because it’s a little dirty or dusty. I love it! Shown here with 2 coats, and has a very nice formula.

Wet N Wild Sun Settle Down swatch California Dreaming Collection

Wet N Wild Sun Settle Down swatch California Dreaming Collection

Wet N Wild Sun Settle Down swatch California Dreaming Collection
For the middle and ring nails I sponged on a little Wet N Wild ‘Bee-U-Tiful’ in a circular pattern. Then I stamped over them using Bundle Monster Black Noir and Bundle Monster plate BMH24. Happy inco de nayo! Haha! I also added a few jewels in the colors of the Mexican flag. I topped this mani with Wet N Wilds new top coat, Clear The Air. It’s ok, it dries very fast and reminds me a lot of OPI Infinite Shine Gloss top coat but not in a good way. Both of these top coats have the tendency to almost like wrinkle? You can see the fine lines in some of my pics, it takes away from the glossy shine AND it smeared my stamping.  But hey if you’re on a budget you can get it for $1.99 at rite-aid when not on sale, so it has it benefits.

Hope you have a fun Cinco de Mayo with many frosty beverages and spicy treats! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Happy Inco de Nayo to you! Benefit: you can have that celebration any day of the year, so it's all good. ;) Love the mani, perhaps you could blame the oopsie on an early margarita or Corona? I really need to try the sponging thing sometime. I enjoy all of your posts SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Boo

    1. Hahaha Inco de Nayo!! I definitely have been having margaritas all week! lol

      I added my mini instagram tutorial to this page if you want to check out me stamping Inco de Nayo lol It has sound if you wanted to turn down your speakers haha Thanks!!!

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