Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bestie Twin Nails! Chanel inspired with @Falguni_Nails

Hey Everyone!

Today’s mani is a Bestie Twin Nails with the adorable Falguni, from Topic Girl and @falguni_nails on Instagram!  She asked if I wanted to do a twin mani and I agreed immediately because I just love her style!  She posts the cutest outfits and manis!  We both love all things Chanel and we agreed on using the below image from Chanel Haute Couture Runway 2015 because the pattern is just so sweet and springy on the sweater!

This color combo is so fab!  The poppy color plays so nicely with the seafoam.

Bestie Twin Nails Falguni_nails Twi_star chanel inspired

Here are our Bestie Twin Nails!  We thought it would be fun to not do the same exact mani but instead show our individual styles a little.  Falguni did so great at recreated the pattern on all her nails, she has such a lovely painterly style.  Since I’m not that great at freehand haha!  I cheated and only attempted the pattern on 3 nails (see my thumb below) and added a few pearl studs because I just can’t seem to do a mani without studs.  

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She Nail Polish Oh Tiff polish swatch chanel inspired

She Nail Polish Oh Tiff polish swatch

She Nail Polish Oh Tiff polish swatch chanel inspired

For my base I used She Nail Polish Oh Tiff, I just adore this color!  It’s minty but dusty and has the subtlest silver shimmer that adds a little oomph.  Perfect formula, I used 2 coats here.  And it’s pretty rare that I use the same base color on all 5 nails!  Haha  That means I really love a color.

She Nail Polish Oh Tiff polish swatch

Since I’m kind of proud of my attempted freehand here is a close-up lol  The white is China Glaze White on White, the blue is She Nail Polish Frozen Tears (see another mani using Frozen Tears HERE), and the red orange is China Glaze I Brake for Color.

Falguni_Nails and twi_star bestie twin nails chanel inspired

And here is Falguni’s mani!  She did an amazing job at capturing the feel of the sweater.  Special thanks to Falguni for doing a Bestie Twin Nails with me!

Thanks for checking out our manis, and don’t forget to check out Falguni’s Blog Topic Girl and follow her on Instagram @falguni_nails!

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