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EXO Supply PureRemover Organic Nail Polish Remover Review!

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Today I have something a little different to share, different is good right?  I was sent samples of an organic (you read that right) nail polish remover from EXO Supply, PureRemover.  I received their PureRemover Wipes but it also is sold in traditional style bottles as well.  EXO Supply is located in my neck of the woods here in Buffalo, NY!  I love it!  I love my city and love supporting our local companies, but honestly this company is becoming more than local, their products were recently included in the celebrity swag bags given out at The Grammy’s!  Don’t believe me?  Check out EXOSupply Instagram to see some pics of the Brand’s Founder Elyse with some celebrities that were there.  Ok onto pics and some info about the product.

4oz bottles of PureRemover $15.95 each (image credit EXO Supply)

EXO Supply PureRemover Description:

PureRemover™ is a naturally moisturizing nail polish remover derived from plant-based, organic ingredients; designed to condition and repair your nails while it removes polish! Available in several natural scent, this nail polish remover is safe for use on natural nails, acrylic nails, and even removes most gel polish! Skip the stinky acetone and pamper your nails with Pure Remover.

  •   Naturally Moisturizing - Infused with USDA certified organic essential oils.
  •  Made with plant-based ingredients - We choose only clean, eco-friendly ingredients to make our products..
  • No harsh smells or chemicals - All of our ingredients in our products are free of artificial colors or scents, non toxic, and Prop 65 compliant. (description credit EXOSupply

Biodegradable esters, USDA certified organic essential oils.

Here are the sample PureRemover Wipes I received in scents lavender, mint, and orange, they also come in unscented.  These would be perfect for traveling or on the go, and the color coding makes it easy to grab the right scent that you want to use.  The PureRemover Wipes sell 10 for $12, 20 for $24 and 30 for $30.

Want to read more of my review?  Click below!

For my first time trying them I chose lavender because it’s one of my fave scents!  And here are my nails prior to removal.  I wanted to give it a good test with both light and darker polish, and for this mani I used a lot of layers since I had base coat and multiple coats of gradient sponging and stamping.  I also wanted to try it first without glitter because glitter can be a completely different beast to remove and I wanted to judge glitter removal separately.  If you are curious about my mani in this pic, check it out here!

Inside is a piece of remover soaked texture felt (is felt the right word?).  I honestly thought it would be bigger and was thinking ruh-roh how will this ever remove all of my polish!  Spoiler alert!  I was very wrong lol.  I really like the lavender scent, it’s not that fake flowery scent often associated with lavender but instead more natural because they’re using natural oils and things.

At this point I was thinking, oh nos!  This is going to dry out while I’m taking photos!  Other polish removing wipes I’ve use are basically just a lot of acetone soaked into a pad.  But duh, it’s not like fast evaporating acetone and traditional polish remover, the PureRemover wipe stayed moist the entire time.

Here is the wipe after removing just my thumbnail polish, please note my nails have some moderate staining due to polishing and removing almost every single day.  It’s kind of unavoidable for a nail blogger, #nailproblems.  So with that out of the way, you can see that the wipe removed the dark blue polish with ease!  It took about the same time as regular remover would have and this is when I started to notice that the little wipe wasn’t drying out.  Huh!

Here I’ve removed polish from my entire dominant hand.  Guess what?  After using the PureRemover Wipe my nails and skin aren’t all dried up like the Crypt Keeper!  They’re perfectly moisturized as if I was rubbing cuticle oil into my skin.  What is this magic?  Normally when I remove with acetone my poor cuticles and nails look all gross and pathetic.  Wow!  Color me impressed, a product that actually does exactly what it says.

Here are both of my hands after removal.  Say hello to my Cindy hand (aka Cinderella hand, the one that does all the work but gets zero credit and you never see her, blogger slang).  One wipe was more than enough to remove polish thoroughly from both hands, I had my doubts this lil’ guy could but it did!

After removing I noticed my nails and fingertips had a good amount of the product on them so I rubbed in the oil before taking this photo.  Not too shabby right?!  My final verdict is this product is fabulous and if you are someone that seeks out 5 Free and or Vegan nail polish then why would you use a chemical laced polish remover?  This is the product for you!  I’m happy to found a new member for my nail army.
 And by the way this weekend 3/6/15 – 3/8/15 EXO Supply is running a 20% off sale!  Enter code YAY2K at checkout!  Buy EXO Supply PureRemover and PureRemover Wipes.

Thanks for checking out my review!

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was intrigued when I saw this product. Have you tried it with a glitter polish yet? Your friend, Boo! PS - did you see the Bob's Burgers ep w/ "Gayle of Thrones"? lol, thought of you. We're all caught up on GoT, and enjoyed S5E1. Still watching? I wish Winter was coming again already, Spring's been too warm for me. But I do hope you are thawed out by now!

    1. Hey Boo! you know I have t tried a full removal on glitter since most days I use a peel off Basecoat to make changing manis a little faster. I'm going to have to try it, I'll let you know! I'm guessing it will be just like removing with regular polish remover. I've since received a full size bottle of this in mint and I've become a big fan.

      I loved Gayle of Thrones! OMG that Epi made me laugh so hard hahaha And yep all caught up on GoT, the premiere felt a little slow but I liked that they gave you a little bit of so many characters! Can't wait for the next one!!

      It's finally a little warmer here!

    2. Which peel off base coat do you like? lol, I had some really old 'hard as nails' clear stuff which acted like a great peal off for awhile.......... Have you read the book(s), A Song of Fire and Ice, that GoT's based upon? I'm not that much of a reader these days, and since people say there are some differences, I don't think I'll look into it. Of course, I've never gotten around to reading the Twilight Series, either. Are you team Jacob or team Edward? haha! I liked the way they brought the story to a conclusion in BD2, and really enjoyed all of the movies.

    3. It's called Yellow Stopper by American Classics, I think that's the brand lol I got a huge bottle from Sallys Beauty. It's not sold as a peel off base but I have no idea how anyone could use it as a normal base coat because my manis definitely start to peel after 24 hrs! For the constant polish changing I do it's perfect. The other day I did use yellow stopper and then a regular base on top of it, and I think that helped to maintain the mani for longer but still gave the peel off ability. I will have to experiment more with that!

      I haven't read the GoT books yet, I'm thinking once the show ends I will then because I'll be sad and that can help me get through it lol

      In the Twilight books I'm Team Edward all the way, but in the movies I'm kind of split hahaha

    4. Awww, it makes me sad to think that these glorious projects are only on your nails for a day. *sob* But they do live on in your wonderful blog photos, so perhaps it's all good? lol I love the periwinkle color in today's post, and the sheer sparkle the most, but they are all really pretty! Love the added stud/gem work, too. You are quite the artist. I got out of the house this week, and rewarded myself with a bottle of sally Hansen Ice Queen, because I love a glitter in a clear base to layer over other shades. This one has turquoise and pale pinks mixed into a base of tiny slivery shimmer, like a starry night. I was already wearing Julep Alex, so it's an interesting combo, deep and mysterious. hehe!


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