Thursday, March 19, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review - Eifel Tower Nail Charm Item #16963

Hey Everyone!

Today I have a really cute Eifel Tower nail charm Item #16963 (color SH552) to review from Born Pretty Store! In case you haven’t noticed, I love nail charms hahaha It’s a little bigger and my nails are a little shorter at the moment so I place it on my thumb nail, check out my mani!

Born Pretty Store Eifel Tower Nail Charm Item #16963

Born Pretty Store Eifel Tower Nail Charm Item #16963

The Eifel Tower Nail Charm is all blinged out and fancy, it is so cute!  I just adore it.  It is slightly curved so it has more surface area to stick to your nail.  Since I have a pretty strong C-curve to my nails I always appreciate charms that aren’t flat as they stick better.  I just slapped this one on after a nice coat of top coat and so far it’s staying on perfectly!

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Polish My Life Mauve Rose Swatch

Polish My Life Mauve Rose SwatchThis pretty nude pink is Mauve Rose from Polish My Life.  It’s just so lady like and the subtle holo shimmer adds just enough something to make it sparkle a little.  I used 2 coats here, no complaints on application.  This would be perfect to wear to the office!  I’d love to pair it with a black crème.  On my middle finger I added a few 2mm silver nail jewels that I got from ebay.  I placed them in a triangle to mimic the triangular shape of the Eifel Tower, ain’t I so fancy?

Loreal Masked Affair swatch

The silver holo is the cult hit Loreal Masked Affair, this is the third time I’ve used it (see my first post with Masked Affair HERE!) and I definitely like it more this time!  It was pretty the first time but I think paired with this nude pink it looks just divine.  I used 2 coats here no application issues and I feel like top coat actually helped to bring out the holo more.

Loreal Masked Affair swatch Twinkled T Victorian Nail Stencils

On the pinky and ring I wanted to add something that felt “Parisian” to me, whatever that means lol So I chose Twinkled T Victorian Style Stencils.  This style worked great!  I guess their Victorian but I think they feel like Paris to me!  I love how Mauve Rose looks over Masked Affair, they play nicely together.

This mani was planned in a bout 5 mins and I love it so much more than manis I plan out and think about for days haha!  Funny how that works, thanks so much for stopping by!

Check out the Eifel Tower Charm on Born Pretty Store!  Eifel Tower nail charm Item #16963 (color SH552)

(some of these products were provided to me for review)

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  1. I cannot decide if I'm inspired or discouraged. I shall go with amazed and delighted, as if gazing upon fine art in a museum. Lots of love, your friend Boo!

    1. Haha! Hiiiiiiiii!!!! Thank you! I've been having a lot of fun lately with my nail art :)

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