Tuesday, March 3, 2015

OPI Hawaii This Color's Making Waves swatch review

Hey Everyone!

The first color that caught my eye from the OPI Hawaii Collection at ULTA was This Color's Making Waves, in the bottle it,s a shimmery deep blue green with very fine orange/gold shimmer.  I figured it wouldn't really look like that on the nail, but to my surprise it looks like that..... but BETTER!  Holy crap people, this polish is amazing.  Check it out!

OPI Hawaii This Colors Making Waves polish swatch

OPI Hawaii This Colors Making Waves polish swatch

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Right, you see I was right about the gloriousness of OPI This Color's Making Waves.  First coat was a touch sheer and streaky like any metallic and I was all oh great, I'm gonna hate this.  Then I applied the 2nd coat and the Mermaid's jumped from the ocean and began serenading me off to lands of flowers and oceans and warmth that I don't get here in Buffalo.  Le sigh.  Basically it's gorgeous and you need it.

OPI Hawaii This Colors Making Waves My Vampire is Buff polish swatch

At first I wasn't going to do an accent nail but when do I not do an accent nail?  Never.  So I grabbed one of my go-tos OPI My Vampire is Buff and I think they go perfectly well together, the smooth creaminess of MVIB looks like sand next to the ocean, great here I go again getting all gooey-ga-ga over this polish lol.

OPI This Color's Making Waves macro polish swatch

Here is a macro of This Color's Making Waves, you can kinda see the shimmers although they were more visible in person.

OPI My Vampire is Buff macro polish swatch

For the accent nail I added some pretty matching jewels in a couple different sizes that I got from ebay.

My goal isn't to tell people what to do, but this time I am - GO BUY THIS POLISH!  If you love shimmery jewels all over your nails then this one is for you.  Thanks for stopping by!

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