Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Secret Garden Bundle Monster Stamp Plate Review

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Today I have something really fun to share, Bundle Monster sent me their entire 25 pc Secret Gardenstamping plate collection $20.50 to review!  Do I want a Secret Garden on muh nails?  Hells Yeah.  I saw a few pics of the plates they posted on Instagram but once I knew they were sending me the set I wanted to be surprised so I stopped looking at them lol  And let me say, they nailed the Secret Garden theme!  The plates are full of trees, vines, scroll-y leaves, little forest creatures, and just things you think you’d find by a gnomes home lol  I’m picturing the Travelocity Gnome.

WARNING!  This post is pic heavy and I left the blue protective coating on for photographing because you get a little less glare that way, well at least I do lol  Onto the plates.

Bundle Monster Secret Garden Nail Stamping

Like my other Bundle Monster plates they come in a little plastic ziplock pouch.  The plastic is heavy duty and will survive many openings.  If you’re like me and don’t have many plates and you can just keep them stored in their pouches.  I’m sure eventually I’m going to need some sort of binder storage haha
Bundle Monster Secret Garden Nail Stamping 25 piece set

This is me trying to artfully arrange the plates, but they just ended up looking like a sorry excuse for a snake lol

Want to see more pics?  Click below!

And here they are all lined up for class!  Sorry about the middle one getting all that glare, I could not avoid it.  The nice thing about the designs is that they are larger so they will fit bigger nail beds.  I like that plate makers are moving more towards using the entire plate for designs as opposed to smaller square shaped images.

Secret Garden BM-701 BM-702 BM-703 BM-704 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plates BM-701 BM-702 BM-703 BM-704

Look at those keys!  And that little deer!  The little door should cover an entire nail (at least for me) and will be adorable for a forest creature mani.
Secret Garden BM-705 BM-706 BM-707 BM-708 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plates BM-705 BM-706 BM-707 BM-708

I’m so in love with BM-705!  Something about words on nails makes me so happy.  And that little bench under a tree is so sweet.

Check out a mani I did using plate BM-705, and using plate BM-708 and using plate BM-706!
Secret Garden BM-709 BM-710 BM-711 BM-712 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plates BM-709 BM-710 BM-711 BM-712

Check out the mani I did using BM-712!

How perfect would the watering can be for a Spring mani?!  And lots of vines!
Secret Garden BM-713 BM-714 BM-715 BM-716 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plates BM-713 BM-714 BM-715 BM-716 

Pineapples and little Hula Girl, can’t wait to do a Hawaii mani with some of the OPI Hawaii colors!  The flowers on BM-716 are gorgeous.

Check out the mani I did using plate BM-716!
Secret Garden BM-717 BM-718 BM-719 BM-720 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plates BM-717 BM-718 BM-719 BM-720

I’ve never seen a guitar plate before!  And that little parrot is perfect for a tropical mani.

Check out the mani I did using plate BM-718, and BM-719!
Secret Garden BM-721 BM-722 BM-723 BM-724 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plates BM-721 BM-722 BM-723 BM-724

Little kittens in a clover patch?  Yes Please!  And a cute little garden chair next to some bunnies lol
Secret Garden BM-725 Bundle Monster
Secret Garden Plate BM-725

These lily pads and koi fish have a very art nouveau feel, would be great used in a lead-lighting mani!

The Secret Garden BundleMonster plates have a little something for everyone, each plate kind of feels like a little story right?  They are currently selling for only $20.50, quite the bargain.  I can’t wait to do some manis with these.  I plan to update this post with links to any manis I create using the plates.  Thanks for checking out my review!

(These products were sent to me for review)

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