Thursday, February 26, 2015

T-Rex Nail Vinyls - China Glaze New Birth and OPI Wharf Wharf Wharf

Hey People!

Ready for a super scary T-Rex mani?!  Yea, me neither so how about this adorable one using T-Rex nail vinyls from Vinyl It Up?  lol  How friggin cute are these vinyls?  I bought them just to use with OPI Wharf Wharf Wharf, I thought they would go really well together.  Check out what I came up with.

Isn't China Glaze New Birth the palest blue creme you've ever seen?  Sometimes it looks white, I just love it.  It's a little thin so I used 3 coats but I'm not complained.  See another mani using New Birth HERE.

Want to read more?  Click below!

OPI Wharf Wharf Wharf has become one of my favorite texture polishes, I like that it doesn't have any shimmer in it.  2 perfect coats.  See another mani using Wharf Wharf Wharf HERE.

Both the T-Rex and the wave vinyls are from Vinyl It Up.  Look at how perfect the waves are!  Those vinyls worked so good, I recommend them.

The sheet of 25 T-Rex vinyls was like $1.50 or something stupid from Vinyl It Up, I kinda want to stick them all over everything lol  I love my dinosaur mani so much, gaaahhhh!  Too cute.  Thanks for coming to Jurassic Park!  (sorry I couldn't resist lol)

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  1. OMG!! I love I am going to have to watch Jurassic Park. Thanks


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