Monday, February 23, 2015

Tweed nail art - Bundle Monster stamp plate BM-706

Hey People!

Today I have a double layer stamping mani to share, whoah I know.  I’m getting all crazy lol  Not really, I just stamped on each nail twice.  I used another Secret Garden Bundle Monster plate, BM-706 see my full review HERE!  The pattern I used from the plate is a sort of cross-hatch pattern, it reminded me of tweed lol  Check out my mani!

Isn’t this stamp pattern so cool?  The plate BM-706 stamped perfect and crisp.  The blue is Annie from Julep, and the white base is also Julep, Brigitte and it covers nicely in 2 coats.

Want more?  Click below!

This mustard with a green tinge is Julep Alma.  This is one of my fav Julep colors, it’s just so weird and I love it.  It’s one of those colors you either love or hate haha.  See another one of my manis using Alma HERE.

The blue 2mm stud just happened to match Annie perfectly so of course I had to add it, and I thought the square shape echoed the angular cross-hatch pattern.

This is the 3rd plate I’ve tried from the Secret Garden Bundle Monster plate set and I’m very impressed!  You would think the garden theme would limit your design options but nope!  They’re full of so many images, a great addition to any stamp plate collection.  Thanks for checking out my work!

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