Monday, February 16, 2015

Aqua and lime basket weave mani using striping tape - Flossgloss Wet and Glowstar

Hey Everyone!

Since Valentine's Day is over I wanted something completely NOT pink lol I love pink but I needed to move on, so I chose a couple of bright cremese from Floss Gloss.  I used nail striping tape to get a basket weave look, check out what I did!

Floss Gloss Wet and Glowstar polish

Floss Gloss Wet and Glowstar basket weave mani

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This gorgeous aqua creme is Wet from Floss Gloss, it leans a little green.  The formula was a little patchy so I used 3 coats to even it out, but I don't mind since the color is so pretty.

Floss Glowstar nail striping tape mani

The bleached out lime green is Glowstar from Floss Gloss.  It's that type of color that looks like it should glow in the dark, kinda whitish tinged green?  Make sense?  Love this one.

Floss Gloss Wet and Glowstar nail striping tape baske weave nail art

The striping tape was applied over Glowstar once dry and then I painted on 1 thick coat of Wet and quickly removed the tape.  Somehow my lines came out perfect!  Yaaaayyyyyy!  Not always the case with striping tape, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it lol  Then I finished off the mani with a matching 2mm square stud.

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This combo is really striking muh fancy!  So how about you, do you need a break from Valentine's Day nails?  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Those are perfect lines!! I don't think I've ever had perfect stripes before, so kudos to you!

    1. Awww shucks lol thanks! I feel like maybe every 3rd time I use striping tape the lines come out nice, otherwise they're a hot mess lol


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