Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth Negative Space nail art - Mani Swap!

Hey Everyone!

Today I have my first maniswap to share!  Reyna, Instagram @reynasnailart asked me to do one and I jumped at the chance.  She wanted to recreate my Floss Gloss basket weave mani, see my original HERE.  She posted a super cute negative space striping tape mani that I recreated.  Check out our collage!

Maniswap Floss Gloss Wet and Glowstar basket weave mani

Aren’t we so cute lol Thanks to Reyna for letting me use the collage she made.  The originals are on top and recreations on the bottom. 

Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth base coat negative space nail art
Here is a solo-shot of my recreation.  I used Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth base coat, since it has a really nice sheer light pink color it makes my nail beds “My Nails but better” haha!  It evens out their tone and covers up the slight nail staining I always seem to have.

Want to see more?  Click below!

Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth base coat negative space nail art
To make the negative space areas I used long skinny vinyls from Vinyl It Up and plain old nail striping tape.

Julep Nail Vinyls negative space nail art mani

Julep Annie Robin Shelly Leila negative space nail art

The polish colors I used are: Thumb and pointer Julep Annie, Middle Julep Robin, Ring Julep Shelly, Pinky Julep Leila.

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Instagram: @reynasnailart
Youtube: Reyna Perez

My version of her mani came out better than I expected!  I’m really loving negative space looks lately, they just have such a fresh feel.  Thanks for stopping by!

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