Monday, April 27, 2015

Cyclone Swirl VInyls from Twinkled T and Loreal Masked Affair

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Hey Everyone!

Whose in the mood for some cyclone vinyl action?  How great are these cyclone swirls from Twinkled T, gaaahhhhh I love them!  They're hypnotizing and give such a unique look.  This was my first time using these and I'm already imaging fun ways to use these again.

Loreal Masked Affair Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls

Want to see more pics and details on products used?!  Click below!

Loreal Masked Affair Julep Logan Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls

For the base I used Loreal Masked Affair, just a lovely silver holo that has a bit of a lavender tone to it.  2 coats for opacity and it dries pretty quick.  Then I placed the cyclone vinyls and used Julep Logan over them.  Logan is a very deep aubergine shimmer, not so great formula but it's pretty so I got over it.  I added a couple of iridescent  2mm jewels that I got from ebay.  I love how Logan and Masked Affair look together!

Loreal Masked Affair Julep Logan Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls

How about a macro?! Be careful, you might fall in it's all Twilight Zone on ya!  These are definitely unique vinyls, Twinkled T is the originator of this style.  I hope you enjoyed my instagram tutorial and mani, thanks for stopping by!

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