Monday, April 20, 2015

OPI Infinite Shine Indignantly Indigo and DS Lapis review

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Hey Everyone!

Today I am sharing another mani using the OPI Infinite Shine polishes that I received from the Preen.Me VIP Program.  This blue OPI Indignantly Indigo is so pretty!  It’s one of those bright/dark blues, which makes absolutely no sense haha  I didn’t want to take away from how blue it is so I paired it with OPI Lapis which is from the OPI Designer Series.  Shall we check out my mani?

OPI Infinite Shine Indignantly Indigo nail polish swatch review

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OPI Infinite Shine Indignantly Indigo nail polish swatch review

OPI Infinite Shine Indignantly Indigo nail polish swatch review

This vivid indigo crème is OPI Indignantly Indigo, from the Infinite Shine line.  Application was easy, I used 2 coats here and it covered beautifully.  It does have that weird almost skunky smell that blue polishes sometimes have, but it was very light compared to others I have.  Dry time was fine.  I have noticed that with some of the Infinite Shine colors the top coat brush will pick up the color but with this one I didn’t notice it as much, a little but not like some of the others I received.  I really love this one!

OPI DS Lapis polish swatch review

The inky blue and silver glitter is DS Lapis, DS is for Designer Series.  I don’t know if this is supposed to be a texture polish but it dries matte and a little gritty and I thought it looked good without top coat next to the crazy shiny Indignantly Indigo.  But when you add top coat the sparkle really comes out!  I used 2 coats on the pinky.

Vinyl It Up nail stencils OPI DS Lapis swatch review

On the ring finger I used DS Lapis over some nail stencils from Vinyl It Up.  I love how the matte texture looks over the shiny blue crème!  They play really well together!

Wearing blue polish always keeps me staring at my nails all day lol  Thanks for stopping by!


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