Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Buffalo Bills Zubaz manicure nail art

Hey Internet addicts! (yep I’m talking to you)

If you live in WNY then you were probably sick of hearing how Jon Bon Jovi was going to buy the Buffalo Bills and move them to Canada. Well, the football Gods blessed Buffalo and Terry Pegula bought the team and is keeping them right here. Thanks Terry! You’re a good egg ;) (PS he is a bazillionaire and also own the Buffalo Sabres).

Even though I just did some Bills nail art I thought what the hell! At first I tried to paint a little Buffalo logo…… My first try on paper came out good and then I dunno what happened but good thing I didn’t try it on my nails, it ended up looking like a hyena. Then I had an idea! Remember Zubas? You know, the crazy zebra print multicolored pants of the early 90s popularized by football players? No? Here’s a refresher.

Ok it’s mani time, let’s do this!

It’s true, I do love the 90s. I guess the secrets out.

Look at those cool dudes. Actually, Zubas pants have made a sort of a comeback and you can still buy them! I’m thinking of getting a pair of leggings. My Mom wouldn’t buy them for me so I think I need to fulfil my dream.

I’m gonna toot my own horn here, I think these came out great lol I’m no pro at handpainted nail art but this was super easy since the lines are supposed to be all wonky. I used Julep Kate as my base, a flat edge brush to paint the red lines with Christian Louboutin Rouge, and then used a fine detailing brush to go over the red with Julep Ally the blue. I practiced a little on paper and it only took a few tries to get it to look like the pants.

The glitter is The Rockpile from Gridlock Lacquer. I decided to just wear it on its own without a base color. I never do that but I’m so glad I did this time! I used 3 coats and you can see nail peeking through but I think it works well with this mani.

A close-up of the thumb. It’s kinda just a zebra print.

A close-up of the pointer.

OMG I love this collage haha!

Go Bills!

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