Thursday, September 18, 2014

Julep Neha, Margot, and Gianna

Hello my internet lovers!

I’m still working through my August 2014 Julep Wanderlust collection colors, so many polishes so little time but I’m almost done with them. I always thought Neha was pretty looking in the bottle but I was in no rush to use her. Well, she knocked my socks off! Julep describes her as a “sari magenta shimmer” and I agree, what a gorgeous glowy lit from within color. The shimmer isn’t really big so it just gives it a nice depth, sooooo rich. It feels more like a Fall or Winter color to me, but it still does work for August.

Check out what I came up with.

How pretty right?! This is 2 coats of Neha, I think it has a pretty great formula, easy to apply and self-leveling. I feel like it would be hard to mess up applying it, it just laid down nice and flat with no imperfections.

On the pinky I used one layer of Julep Gianna, a jagged gold topper. I’ve recently became a fan of these types of glitter, I still will only use them sparingly in a mani but I think they add some good drama! I did have to move some of the glitter around to make it look more even but it wasn’t too bad.

For my index accent I used Julep Margot. A gorgeous foily gold, this is 2 coats. This is another color I think paints well and is easy to apply. The jewels are from ebay.

And here’s my collage. I love collages lol

Thanks for checking it out!

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