Friday, September 26, 2014

Julep Avni and OPI Pure gold topcoat - negative space jewel nail art

Whassup peeps?!

Sometimes I feel like purple, and it happens a lot lol Julep Avni a gorgeous saturated royal purple with some subtle magenta shimmer was calling out to me from my pile of untried. She won! I was inspired by a couple of manis from @sloteazzy, her latest Chanel nails and this brick red and gold jewel one. She KILLS it on Instagram, and I like her makeup style, she rocks blue lipstick haha! I would suggest you follow her but odds are you already do lol

I apologize for not accurately showing Julep Avni, it’s so intense my camera wanted to make it kinda blue and I couldn’t even color correct it in photoshop uggghhh! In person, it’s darker and very vivid. If you love purple you’d love this color, sadly it is sold out and not sure if Julep will be getting more of this color in. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer.

Check out what I did!

Here is Avni, she is stunning. The color here is pretty close but it’s darker in person. Formula was very nice, this is 2 coats.

For the pinky I used OPI Pure gold topcoat. This is one coat. I love this top coat! It’s only bad point is the base is kind of tinted yellow, I assume it’s not supposed to be like that but it got tinted from the real gold flakes so sometimes it will alter the look of your base color.

For the middle and ring I copied Sloteazzy’s negative space and gold jewel look. I think mine came out ok, I didn’t have thin nail vinyls mine were a bit thicker otherwise I would have liked it more. Note to self, buy some thin straight nail vinyls. I got the little gold jewels from ebay.

Overall I like this mani! I went through the Dunkin drive through this morning and I grab my cup and the girl gave my nails a confused look…………either she liked them or she thought they were disgusting! haha! I just drove away with my medium dark roast black with sugar mmmmmmmmmm, ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Thanks for looking.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how has no one commented on this yet? I'm totally obsessed with your manicure! It's incredibly beautiful. I keep seeing that OPI topcoat everywhere, so I'm thinking I'll have to hunt it down for myself sometime soon. I know what you mean about the camera making Avni seem more blue than purple. I'm struggling with the same thing in my swatches.

    1. Thanks Anastasia! The OPI top coat is amazing, I recommend it. I think they're coming out with another similar top coat in the Gwen Holiday 2014 collection :)


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