Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Julep Jet and Etta striping tape Halloween-ish nail art.....

Happy Fall!

I was in the mood for something dark and subtly Halloween-ish. Black and green right? Haha! I’ve had poor Julep Etta waiting in the wings to try for a couple months already, poor thing. Etta is a shimmery peridot and just kinda glows in the bottle, in other words she’s perfect.

Onto the mani.

I used Julep Jet at my base. A great basic black crème, shown here is 2 coats.

And then there was Etta. Le sigh. I was hoping it would layer well over Jet, doing that bright glowy thing sheer colors do when worn over black, and it did! This is one coat of Etta, even though it is sheer here I think it would be pretty opaque at 2 coats.

For the stripes I used striping tape over Jet in an “X” and “V” pattern followed by one coat of Etta and quickly removed the striping tape. Somehow this reminds me of spiders, eeeekkkk!

The studs are 2mm neon light green from ebay.

I loved the way this mani came out! I think this would be a really cool pattern to try with a glow in the dark polish. Thanks for reading!

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