Monday, September 22, 2014

Julep Katie, Queen Anne, and Nails Inc Queen Marlborough Street

Happy almost Fall!

Isn’t it crazy how fast Summer went?! Tonight is the official start of Fall, although it has felt like Fall in my neck of the woods for quite a few weeks already. Oddly enough though, this week will be sunny and in the mid 70s! Sounds perfect to me. So I decided on a sort of Summer/Fall transition mani, I did some dark accent nails with a more glowy pink/purple. My mani is just as confused as our weather, it can’t decide what it wants to be lol

I used Nails Inc Great Marlborough Street on the ring and pinky. It’s a gorgeous vampy plum crème, it looks almost black but I love those type of colors. This is 2 coats, the first coat had me worrying it wouldn’t be opaque in 2 coats but that 2nd coat was like magic and went fully opaque. A great color.

I used Julep Katie on the thumb through middle. Katie is a pinky/purple shimmer, it has subtle magenta shimmer in there. This one also had a crappy first coat but I used a little thicker 2nd coat and it’s mostly opaque, just spotty in a few areas. It’s a pretty color but I’m just kind of meh on it lol

Julep Queen Anne is Julep's 3 year Maven subscription box anniversary polish in case you're wondering what the 3 on the cap is for lol

I layered Julep Queen Anne over the middle and ring. Queen Anne is awesome! It’s a super fine purple slightly holographic glitter. It applied great, this is one coat. I was surprised by how much I loved it over Nails Inc Great Marlborough Street, they really set each other off. Nothing like purple on purple action lol

Thanks for checking out my mani <3

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