Friday, September 19, 2014

Julep Holly and Taryn - teal with jewels!

How’s it going?

All I can say is TGIFffffffff! I celebrated Friday with pizza and pepsi for lunch, a true rebel I am.

Who wants to see a gorgeous teal glitter? Two word, Julep Taryn. It was released back in March for their St. Patrick’s day green themed box as an exclusive polish, but I waited it out and picked it up in a set in one of the secret store sales. I think it was the August secret store? Whatever. My bottle fill line was little low, I think some of the base evaporated out leaving it a bit thick but it wasn’t a big deal it applied ok and next time I will add some thinner to it.

Look at my mani now.

Whooooooaaaahhhh baby, ain’t she purdy? For my base I used Julep Holly, an emerald green metallic. It has a little bit of shimmer. For a metallic it doesn’t show that many brush strokes. This is 2 coats, the first coat was pretty sure and I figured I’d need 3 but that 2nd coat went on like magic and was perfectly opaque!

For my Thumb and pointer I used 1 thick coat of Taryn (due to it being a thicker formula) over Holly. It’s a clear base with fine teal and silver holographic shimmer. I think it’s gorgeous and really works well with Holly. It’s so rainbow shimmery! You should see it in the sun, OMG.

The jewels are from ebay, they have a bit of a rainbowy oil slick look to them that didn’t photograph very well. In some of the photos you can see it.

I’ll be a little sad to take this one off as I am really loving it, but onto the next!

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