Thursday, September 25, 2014

OPI Skyfall, LAMB, and How Great is Your Dane? - Leopard spot mani

Hey Polish Lovers!

Ugggghhh why did I say that? That reminds me of DSW, the cashiers have to say “I can help the next shoe lover in line.” Ewwwww don’t get me wrong I seriously love me some shoes but that is just so cheesy and I feel bad for them lol

Anyways. I’ve had OPI Skyfall sitting and patiently waiting for some cooler weather. I really wanted this one when it was released almost 2 years ago but I slacked and didn’t buy it, finally this summer I said enough is enough! And grabbed Skyfall and Casino Royale, I loved Casino Royale – see my mani here, so I just knew me and Skyfall were going to get along smashingly ;)

Check out my new Bestie!

Skyfall = perfect Fall color. It’s a a beautiful oxblood crème, it’s vampy but not like a vamp on steroids you can definitely tell it’s a red even in low lighting so I don’t even know if vampy is the right description for it lol. It does lean slightly brown. This is 2 coats. The first coat was a little streaky but the 2nd coat made it perfect.

For the base of my accent nail I used OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (aka LAMB) from the Gwen Stefani collection. I adore this gold, it’s a satin finish and has such delicate but rich shimmer. I can never decide if I like it better with or without topcoat……… This is 2 coats, wonderful formula.

I used Skyfall as the center dot of my leopard spots and OPI How Great is Your Dane from the Nordic collection. It’s a very neutral brown, I can’t really comment on the formula since this is the first time I have used it but it seems ok maybe a bit thin?

I really liked this color combo! My leopard spots weren’t the best, I’ve done better lol Normally I make them a little bigger, but whatever they were still cute hehe Thanks for stopping by.

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